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Police Bag Four Strong Evidence Killer Suspect Mirna

Police Bag Four Strong Evidence Killer Suspect Mirna
Wayan death case investigation Mirna Salihin (27), a woman who died after drinking coffee at Cafe Olivier, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta seems to be a point of light. Police claimed to have had strong evidence and are ready to deploy determination of the suspect.
The evidence is strong. From a minimum of two items of evidence that must be bagged, we even had four items of evidence, said Director General of Criminal Investigation Polda Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Krishna, Monday, January 25, 2016.
With its four that evidence, investigators from Subdit Crime and Violence (Jatanras) General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya will soon expose the case in the prosecutor's office.
Later on when the results of exposure to the prosecutor no less complete then we add our title again, but if the prosecutor is okay, we just title for the determination of the suspects, said Krishna.
Krishna said the four that evidence is witness testimony, expert testimony, documents and instructions.
Description of the suspect or the accused when in court, we ignore. Because the value is also the weakest suspect or the accused's testimony, he said.
So far, in order to investigate the death of Mirna, police have checked dozens of witnesses, both friends Mirna, Mirna family, cafe waiters and expert witnesses. The examination of witnesses terssebut to supplement the evidence in the investigations on the alleged existence of a criminal act of murder.
Wayan Mirna Salihin (27) are known to drink coffee along with two friends that Jessica and Hani in Kafe Olivier, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Wednesday, January 6, 2016.
After the Vietnamese iced coffee drink, known miRNA directly kejangkejang and removing the foam. Both friends Mirna had requested assistance cafe waiter to bring Mirna to the nearest clinic is located in the mall area.
Mirna was then referred to Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Central Jakarta, after receiving first aid at the clinic mall. However, no sooner arrived at the hospital Abdi Waluyo, Mirna declared dead.
Laboratory results explain, coffee drunk and his side miRNA containing cyanide. To that end the police find out who the perpetrators were put cyanide in drinks Mirna.

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