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Free Adding Weight to the skinny

Free Adding Weight to the skinny


Jakarta, Adding Board severe in some people may be difficult to lose weight in the obese Agency. Body lean is sometimes considered more healthy when compared obese bodies. However, the Agency chronic severe shortage of alarming when it is a consequence for bad nutrition or medical condition, or have other health problems. If the Agency is very thin, good idea to consult with your doctors and nutrition experts. In consultation with your doctors and nutrition experts, will help increase the weight of the Agency through a healthy way. As taken from MayoClinic, Thursday (25/08/2011), here are healthy ways to add weight to an agency with less Body weight: 1. Eat more lean seringBila Agency, one might will feel full faster. Eat 5-6 small amounts throughout the day plus better than 2-3 times the number of large meal. 2. Determine the rich foods from the diet giziSebagai side (adjust diet) healthy overall, so make sure nutritious foods. The choice of food with high nutrition, including whole wheat bread, pasta, cereals, fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, low-fat source of protein, nuts and seeds. 3. Consumption shakesJangan smoothies and sodas, coffee, and other beverages that contain few calories and low nutritional value. And vice versa, drink smoothies or shakes healthier, especially those made with low-fat milk and fresh juice. In most problems liquid meal replacement beverages might also recommended. Drinking liquid meal replacements plus either 30 minutes before or after meals. It has the objective to avoid the stomach feel full before eating. 4. Give kaloriCamilan dense snack nuts, peanut butter, cheese, dried fruit, and avocado. Combined calorie-dense snacks, including: a. Peanut butter and sandwich jellyb. Sandwich with alpukatc. Sandwich with sliced ??sayurd. Sandwich with daginge. Sandwich with keju5. Give more calories on keseharianTambahkan more calories for daily meals, with a combination of food for example: a. Cheese in casseroleb. Soup and eggs dadarc. Milk without lemak6. Controlling the consumption of sugar and lemakBahkan when the Agency was so skinny, if it lasts realize the advantages of sugar and fat. Controlling diet and also provide nutrients, such as whole grain muffin, yogurt, and fruit pies. 7. OlahragaMelakukan regular exercise, especially exercise ability, could help add weight to the Agency by making the muscles of the body. Exercising can also improve appetite, to be able to help increase the weight of the Agency.

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